Fresh New Zealand Persimmons

RD8 Fresh Produce exports Class 1 New Zealand hothouse as well as outdoor-grown persimmons grown in Northland, Auckland and Waikato.


Our sweet persimmons are grown in the sub-tropical regions of New Zealand’s North Island. Available from early April each year, they’re known to be high in potassium and Vitamin C and have high nutritional value.

New Zealand produces the non-astrigent Fuyu variety of persimmon, making them crisp and sweet.


They can be consumed while still firm, and remain edible when soft. New Zealand persimmons are a delicious deeply orange fruit that are firm, crispy and delicately sweet. They contain more Vitamin A – which is good for eyesight – than any other fruit and more Vitamin C – for general good health – than a pear.


Persimmons also have as much potassium – for nerves – as a banana, and as much fructose – for energy – as grapes. They’re delicious to eat, delightful to look at, and should be eaten when firm like an apple, and an even orange/red colour.


RD8 Fresh Produce is in partnership with New Zealand premium hothouse grower Holyoak™ Persimmons, and exclusively promotes this premium brand.  


Holyoak prides itself on producing only the highest quality fruit and is well known in New Zealand as this country’s leading grower. This fruit is grown in hothouse facilities where the environment is perfect for producing products of only the highest quality. 


Persimmons growing regions:  Waikato, Auckland, Whangarei.


Brands: Holyoak Persimmons, Supreme Gold. 


Varieties: Fuyu (non-astringent).

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