Fresh New Zealand Cherries

RD8 Fresh Produce exports Class 1 NZ cherries grown in the Central Otago region. Central Otago is one of the most picturesque and environmentally purest areas of New Zealand’s scenic South Island, as well as being home to the famous New Zealand cherries. 


The region has its own unique climate, with very cold winters and very warm, dry summers. Its winter chill, mild springs and hot summers give Central Otago the ideal climate for growing our export cherries.


The mineral content of Central Otago’s soil, as well as the natural water source flowing from the surrounding mountains into the Clutha River, give it additional unique advantages. This unique climate and abundant natural resources make Central Otago cherries firmer, sweeter, and big. 


Cherry growing regions: Central Otago.


Brands: Brookevale, Molyneux, Red Pearl, Sarita


Varieties: Sonnet, Bing, Stella, Rainier, Lapin, Kordia, Sweetheart, Staccato, Roseann, Dawson, Romance. 

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